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Skewjack Surf Centre was a brilliantly simple idea. It could be argued that it was far ahead of its time, both in concept and outlook. Loved by some, loathed by others. It evolved over the years and developed its own following of devotees. Several of the people involved in its conception, management and use still live within thirty miles of the old site whilst others are as far away as Australia. Many many of the ‘Punters’ or guests still have fond, if hazy memories of the site, its bar and no doubt its infamous chalets. Young surfers will have heard of it but will have no idea of what it really was about. In it’s time, it was a focal point and cultural centre for nearly all the far South West’s surfers.

Chris Tyler

RIP: Chris Tyler; 1938-2016

This site hopefully will allow the presentation of photo’s, recollections, anecdotes etc. from all who were involved in the place and thus build up a true history and establish Skewjack’s rightful place in the evolution of British Surfing.

I know already of one Skewjack discussion board and I know of other allied interests and obtuse links to the site…

So if you read this and have anything to add about Skewjack and your experiences, good or bad, E Mail them to me. Please attach photos by all means but format them as JPEG or Gifs and keep them fairly small.Thanks

Chris Tyler

Skewjack today

Hopefully in the due process of time it will be possible to build a history of Skewjack from the early “anything goes” days, to the last dying moments as the camp closed for the last time and the new owners dumped thirty tons of rock and mud in the gateway to deter unauthorised entry. The photo below is the current site today. It is, I believe, a “Switching Station” for the Transatlantic cables that come in at Porthcurno and is one of four terminals serving a £1 billion “figure of eight” fibre optic link between two terminals in the USA and another in France. On completion, it doubled the total transatlantic telecommunications capacity.


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